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    Uncoated paper

    Snow white uncoated paper used for offset printing, flexo printing, preprint and ink-jet printing. Our sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology of production guarantees flawless whiteness of paper amounting to 167 (ICE). It is a wood free and dust free paper resistant to ageing and it is characterized by amplitude screen ruling of 133-150 lines per inch. Both its physical and chemical properties such as high volume, non-transparency, short dry time and high smoothness make it an ideal product for printing colorful advertising materials which do not require extensive color sharpness or resolution. It is also ideal for headed paper, building projects and other similar applications. It is a sophisticated certified paper acknowledged both in Poland and abroad. The paper is FSC, PEFC, ECF, ISO14001, EMAS, DIN EN-71, ISO9706, as well as DIN 6723 and DIN6724 certified. It is recommended particularly for CAD plotter prints and other geodetic and geographical prints for Geographic Information System.


    Paper for laser printing

    Paper for laser printing is manufactured with an exceptional degree of precision and accuracy by a qualified team boasting extensive knowledge and experience in the matter. The material is characterized by a snow-white shade of whiteness amounting to 167 ICE, high smoothness and non-transparency and is also dust free. Its extraordinary properties allow for producing prints whose resolution may amount up to 720 points per inch. Its certified eligibility for laser printing makes it an ideal material for copying machines and laser printers. The paper is fitted for laser printing even if it was previously used for ground print on offset machine. It is certified by leading certification and normalization centers such as ISO, DIN and FSC.


    Coated paper

    Coated paper is used for printing high quality and resolution reproductions, graphics, posters and other advertising applications. It is characterized by high degree of whiteness amounting to 150 CIE, considerable non-transparency of 90% and above-average smoothness of 106 micrometers. This material is particularly appreciated by our regular customers for prints with high resolution amounting to 2880 dpi, short dry time, outstanding quality and color sharpness. Its highest quality is best demonstrated by the certificates it was granted: ISO536, ISO534, ISO2471, ISO2493, ISO5627, ISO11475, ISO5631-2. This paper may be used for water-ink printing, pigment ink printing as well as printing with colorants and latex inks. The best printing quality is achieved in room temperature of 23 Celsius degrees and 50% air humidity.


    Photographic paper

    Photographic paper both glossy and semi-matte is fitted for printing high quality photographs. Impeccable quality is guaranteed by coated microporous polyethylene surface which gives photos a natural look and adds richness and sharpness to colors. The main properties of this material are as follows: short dry time, water and abrasion resistance. The paper is ideally fitted for pigment ink printing, ink-jet printing and latex ink printing.


    Billboard paper

    BlueBack billboard paper is a material fitted for offset printing, digital printing or solvent ink-jet printing. The material is ideal for advertising applications meant for outdoor exposition. The advertisement printed on this paper will surely attract the attention of a potential advert viewer, especially due to the brightness and conspicuousness of colors and outstanding print quality. Compared to other materials, this one stand out mostly due to : its high resistance to humidity, weather conditions and dirt, as well as resistance to sunlight and UV rays. The material on our offer is a wood-free paper with high degree of non-transparency amounting to 99% and of whiteness reaching CIE – 100. The material’s layer does not crack nor does it peel off, and additionally it is recyclable and environmentally friendly as it decomposes naturally. The paper we offer has a density of 115 g/m^2.


    CAD tracing paper

    CAD tracing paper for monochromatic prints of 90 g/m^2 density is used mostly for drawings, maps and engineering diagrams. Similarly to all other materials on our offer CAD tracing paper guarantees impeccable quality of prints, high mechanical resistance, short dry time and long-lasting archives keeping due to adequate pH level.


    CAD film

    CAD film is fitted both for monochromatic prints and color drawing line of 100 microns width. It guarantees high level of absorption and optimal dry time. It is characterized by high mechanical resistance and therefore it is ideally fitted for archives keeping.


    Solvent - UV - Latex Paper

    Our company offers a large format printing and citylight advertisement paper that is commonly recognized and in demand in many European markets, among others in Italy, France, Germany or the Netherlands. Great sales figures come together with high quality of our materials. The paper has been produced since 2009 by an experienced French company. Its characteristics are still being improved to fully fulfill all the requirements and needs of our purchasers. The quality of our products is guaranteed by our long term experience and a solid knowledge as far as paper production is concerned. This paper is unrivalled. It will surely provide you with top-grade printings and will fully satisfy your target customers. Moreover, it is moisture-resistant, which is why it can easily replace backlit advertising. Its silky, even, bilateral structure makes it outstanding in comparison to other material types for backlit advertising available on the market. The producer himself says "this papers is the most beautiful and luxurious product on the market, and we are truly proud of it". This product is suitable for the following printing types: eco solvent, uv, latex and inkjet. It is available in basis weights of 150 and 200 g/m2.

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